Towards sustainable nanotechnology: Engineering safer nanomaterials

(Georgios A. Sotiriou, May 21, 2014)

Georgios A. Sotiriou is currently a Swiss National Science Foundation Fellow in the Department of Environmental Health and the Center for Nanotechnology & Nanotoxicology at the School of Public Health, Harvard University. His research focuses on the rational design and engineering of safer nanomaterials that exhibit superior performance but do not pose risks to the environment and human health. He does not only investigate bionano-interactions of pristine nanomaterials, but also involves further life-cycle considerations of nano-enabled-products. Georgios received a PhD from ETH Zurich in 2011, where he focused on nanoparticle synthesis and employment of multifunctional devices in theranostics. His research has been recognized internationally by several awards including the 2011 AIChE Bionanotechnology Graduate Student award, the 2012 Best PhD Thesis Award from the Swiss Chemical Society, the 2012 ETH Medal for outstanding Dissertation and the 2013 Hilti Award for Innovative Research.

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